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Llewellin's Gears is a BSEN ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management Certified Firm
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Llewellin's Machine Company Ltd
15 King Square, Bristol, England BS2 8JJ | Tel: +44 (0)117 942 4026 | Fax: +44 (0)117 923 2028 | Contact Us | Website: www.llewellins.co.uk
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Llewellin's Gears undertake design, manufacture and reverse engineering projects for many process plants and engineering companies throughout the world.

Llewellin's Gears can quickly supply gears for new industrial equipment or can reverse engineer, repair, rebuild, or replace gears, gearboxes or transmission equipment for existing equipment.

In the event of a breakdown or planned maintenance work our gearbox rebuilding service is prompt and efficient. We can offer an out-of-hours service by arrangement.

Customers often take advantage of our extensive gearing & material expertise, to increase load capacities, vary ratios or even reduce backlash.

Our capabilities, backed up with almost a century of gear and transmission experience as well as our extensive manufacturing facility, will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gearbox or transmission system is in the hands of true professionals.

Our mission is to meet our customers’ requirements quickly. To help us achieve this aim we hold approximately 100 tonnes of certified raw stock.

If you have a "gear or transmission problem", no matter how large or small, please contact us for a rapid, friendly and competitive response.

Summary of our Capabilities

design of gears, gearboxes & transmission systems

specialise in rapid repair breakdown service, temporary or full repair

gears, gearboxes & transmission systems reverse engineering

gearbox & transmission systems rebuilding, overhaul or component

building of gears, gearboxes & transmission systems prototypes

manufacture and rebuilding of industrial spur & helical gears up to 2.6m

manufacture and rebuilding of industrial gearboxes and transmission systems
up to 5,000kg

industrial worms & wormwheels up to 1000mm centre distance

bevel gears (Straight Gleason) up to 890mm diameter

double helicals up to 1320mm diameter & 305mm face

internal slotting of splines, keyways & special forms, parallel & taper 200mm,
305mm, 530mm & 760mm stroke machines with rotary tables

maximum length of screws & splines in one setting 3150mm

gear and gear spline grinding

profile grinding of spur & helical gears to 630mm

large internal grinding, shaft grinding, thread-worm-spur-helical-spline-

spark eroding of internal splines, serrations & special forms - 5 axis EDM, max
height 400mm, max weight 1000kg, max taper 30°

gearcutting service on supplied components or free issue material - spur,
rack, helical, double helical, internal helical, bevel, worm & wormwheel gears

gear splines and serrations

broaching of splines, serrations, squares, etc.

large range of broaches and tools available, including English, American,
French, German & Japanese standards

timing pulleys and belts

all types of gears, sprockets, racks, threads, leadscrews, serrations, splines
(internal & external), toothed pulleys, barrelled couplings, special gears,
prototypes, etc., in stock

complete gearboxes & motors in stock, new or second hand - David Brown
Radicon and Motovario

spline bar and sleeves, plastic gears

site work - removal or installation of gearboxes and motors - sizes of gears
can be taken on site so that replacements can be made & installed during
planned shutdown

laser alignment, gear and gearbox inspection

gear testing

specialist MIG + TIG weld repair of gears, shafts or other components

spiral weld repair of worn journals

manufacture & repair of gears & gearboxes for steam traction engines &
vintage cars pre 1950. See www.tractionenginegears.co.uk.

CNC machining including, turning, milling & wire erosion

general machine shop facility

extensive stock of raw material - steel and cast iron bar & billets up to 400mm
diameter, also plastic, phosphor, bronze, aluminium & aluminium bronze

150 ton press fitting service

24 hour working by arrangement

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Design, Manufacture & Reverse Engineering Projects
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All Types of Gears
All Types of Gears